Let’s go together!


We, you and me, are Eevvoo. We are in sport together to have the best time possible while doing what we love. Go together!

Jerzy & EEVVOO

From a 14-year-old racing in triathlons to pursuing Ironman Hawaii as a professional athlete. Gradually I worked my way to a professional Ironman triathlon carreer, which lasted from 2007 till 2011. My journey was supported by sponsors who joined me locally and later on internationally. Coaching and training their employees and friends to achieve and maintain fitness to join running and cycling events.

Although I did not race Ironman Hawaii I had a blast. Transitioning from professional triathlon, I felt the need to sport together with others and to unite people for runs and bike rides. 

Eevvoo is the fusion of coaching, sports, and getting out. An evolution that encourages you and me to embrace the benefits of staying fit while enjoying the outdoors together.

Join the club and let’s get out there!

Running Coffee

Join us at Running Coffee, where running meets the comfort of a cup of coffee. Our club revels in this blend, focusing on the camaraderie of running rather than speed or distance. Explore new routes, enjoy each other’s company, and set your pace—we ensure everyone feels at ease, with routes chosen as we run, adding an element of adventure.

Whether you’re a seasoned runner or a beginner, you’re invited to join our runs or start your own Running Coffee club. Unsure about keeping up? We offer plans and workouts to boost your confidence.

Lace up and run with us!

Cycling Espresso

Cycling Espresso began amidst the vibrancy of Running Coffee. Inspired by the social aspect of runs and a love for cycling, our club welcomes riders of all types. Our journey started with a caffeinated delight at a local coffee bar in Groningen in 2013, branching out across the Netherlands and beyond, fostering inclusivity and safety in every ride.

Today, thousands join our Club Rides, and our family grows, rooted in freedom, accessibility, and openness. Safety is paramount on every ride.

Let’s ride together!

Let’s go together!
Let’s go together!