Let’s go together!

Cycling Espresso Groningen

Join our groningen cycling club for a perfect blend of espresso and adventure. Pedal with us for memorable rides with great company.


Club Location

Doppio Espresso


Brugstraat 6, Groningen

Coffee Deal

Espresso for 1 euro till 10.00

Time Table




10.10 sharp

Ride Distance

~50-70 kilometer

Ride Time





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Club Rides

All Cycling Espresso Groningen Club Rides have and will always be on the same philosophy: “Out Together, Home Together”. This means we do not leave riders behind when they have a flat or when they run into trouble. Together we help those in need, get them back on the bike as quickly as possible and give them a little push when needed.

Club Events

Since 2013 Cycling Espresso Groningen is hosting cycling rides. Our philosophy of bringing riders together for espresso and a ride started here. All to enjoy both together, especially on the bike. The social aspect of grabbing coffee together is taken on the rides and that means we care for each other and help those who need a hand.

Club Venue

When starting back in 2013 at Doppio Espresso Groningen we had to help carry out tables and chairs to sit on. Nowadays the coffee venue has grown into a large cafe with plenty of room for us to park our bike and sitting indoors and being able to view the bikes. But above all this they serve great espresso, just the way we like it.

Club HIStory

It all started in Groningen. During a Running Coffee session somewhere in the beginning of 2013 we made plans te go ride together once the weather improved. It took till summer before we finally did ride. On a Wednesday we planned an event and announced the first ever Cycling Espresso ride ever. After having a wonderful espresso at Doppio Espresso Groningen we took of for that first ride. Bringing 15 riders together. Cycling Espresso was born. Since then practically every second Sunday we rode. Storm, rain, hail, snow and of course sun, we rode our bikes together. Only a view times an event was cancelled because of icy roads or Covid in 2020, because safety is our first priority. Want to join us for a club ride? You are welcome to do so, free of charge. In Groningen we have more than one group riding with different speeds. Along the way you can chat to your neighbor, learn where to ride and avoid the wind or sprint when we offer you the chance. But as said, we always get back together.

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Cycling Heaven


From Couch To Cruiser

Join us for a 20-week journey to enhance your cycling stamina! Commit to 3-4 training sessions every week, totaling 2-3.5 hours per week, and ensure your consistent 90-minute cycling endurance.
Let’s go together!
Let’s go together!