Let’s go together!


We united cycling and espresso for the best ride experience.

Train with confidence

Discover a diverse range of cycling essentials and gear for every rider, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey on two wheels.


1. Choose your plan

With a variety of plans for beginner, intermediate, advanced athletes, we will have the perfect one for you.

2. Activate your ACCOUNT

Signup at Trainingpeaks™️ for the best analysis of your progress, targeted training zones & more. 

3. Add our coaches

After signup add our coaches to your account to get started with your chosen plan.

4. Start your wORKOUTs!

Keep motivated with any of your training questions answered quickly by our team of certified coaches!

Cycling Essentials

Discover a diverse range of cycling essentials and gear for every rider, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey on two wheels.



Unite training, cycling and espresso for your best ride experience.

Running Coffee Groningen



We grab coffee and ride our bikes and enjoy your great company while doing so.

Start Your Club

Amaze riders with your experiences around town while taking them for coffee and a ride.



Classic Sleeved Jersey

Enjoy the benefits

Classic Arm Warmers

One of the best additions to your summer cycling kit, easy to bring and tug away in your back pockets.

CYES Membership

Unlimited training plan swaps, discounts, exclusives and more. Get all the benefits with your Cycling Espresso Membershop.


Join us for a fun ride! If you’re unsure about your fitness level, start training with us. We’ll be your biking buddy, supporting you every step of the way. Let’s ride together and enjoy the journey!



Boost your confidence through our certified and well-balanced workouts and plans. Join us on our rides and experience the joy of cycling.


Discover the perfect route for your ride or workout with us. Join us and explore the routes tailored to enhance your cycling experience!


Experience the ultimate cycling adventure by riding or training together. Join a club or gather your cycling friends to embark on this journey with us. 


Join us in our fashionable Cycling kit and let’s conquer the roads in style. Come along and enjoy the thrill of cycling as a united and stylish community! 

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