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Shipping And Delivery

Here you find all information regarding Shipping & Delivery at Eevvoo.com.

Shipping Methods

In principle, your ordered products are shipped with PostNL, using the services of MyParcel (subsidiary PostNL). In some cases we deviate from this because our suppliers deliver the products directly to you (drop shipping).

Shipping Costs

These are the shipping cost per country around the globe.

The Netherlands €4,95
Albania €23,95 Addition: € 2,10/kg
Andorra €23,95 Addition: € 2,10/kg
Austria €16,95
Belarus €23,95 Addition: € 2,10/kg
Belgium €9,95
Bosnia and Herzegovina €23,95 Addition: € 2,10/kg
Bulgaria €24,95
Czech Republic €19,95
Croatia €23,95 Addition: € 2,10/kg
Cyprus €23,95 Addition: € 2,10/kg
Denmark €16,95
Estonia €29,95
Finland €21,95
France €16,95
Germany €10,95
Greece €29,95
Hongaria €22,95
Iceland €23,95 Additional: € 2,10/kg
Ireland €21,95
Italy €17,95
Latvia €29,95
Liechtenstein €23,95 Additional: € 2,10/kg
Lithuania €29,95
Luxembourg €13,95
Malta €23,95 Additional: € 2,10/kg
Moldavia €23,95 Addition: € 2,10/kg
Monaco €23,95 Addition: € 2,10/kg
Montenegro €23,95 Addition: € 2,10/kg
North Macedonia €23,95 Addition: € 2,10/kg
Norway €23,95 Addition: € 2,10/kg
Poland €22,95
Portugal €20,95
Romenia €29,95
San Marino €23,95 Addition: € 2,10/kg
Serbia €23,95 Addition: € 2,10/kg
Slovenia €23,95
Slowakia €19,95
Spain €18,95
Sweden €22,95
Switserland €23,95 Addition: € 2,10/kg
United Kingdom €13,95
Vatican €23,95 Addition: € 2,10/kg
World – All other countries not in this list €25,95 Addition: € 4,95/kg

Pick Up

At the moment we do not offer picking up or fetching of your products.

Address Changes

Have you moved to a different address? Then you can easily adjust this in your Eevvoo account. Have you already placed an order and the address is incorrect? Then contact us as soon as possible. We will immediately check for you if we can still adjust your shipment.

Track Your Order

Have you chosen to ship your order? Then you will receive a track and trace code from us. Tracking your order can be done via the Track and Trace service from MyParcel website (PostNL daughter) if we ship directly.

If your products are dropshipped the postal service provider can differ from PostNL. You will get a message through our supplier for the track and trace.

You can also see your order status here.

Not At Home

When PostNL cannot deliver your package, because you are out for a workout? They offer the package to the neighbors. If this also fails, they will try again the next day (with the exception of Sundays). If no one is home at the second delivery time, the driver will leave a message at which PostNL collection point you can collect your package. You have three weeks to do this, after which the shipment goes back to Eevvoo.

If one or more products from your order are shipped via dropshipping, your package may be delivered directly to a collection point in your area.

Let’s go together!
Let’s go together!