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From Couch To Cruiser

Beginner •
20 Weeks •
Boost Threshold
3-4 / week •
3h02 •
1h45 Max
Join us for a 20-week journey to enhance your cycling stamina! Commit to 3-4 training sessions every week, totaling 2-3.5 hours per week, and ensure your consistent 90-minute cycling endurance.


Plan Benefits

+   Structured training weeks and workouts
+   Easy sync with compatible devices
+   Save 20% compared to Trainingpeaks
+   14-Days money back garantee
+   Free email access to coach during plan
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Required Gear: Heart Rate Monitor

From Couch To Cruiser


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Why we love this plan

We make no plans without wanting to ride it ourselves.

Easy Start

With this cycling plan you maintain 90 minutes endurance. There is no specific goal like a cycling race for which this plan is designed. It will help you however with a structured training week to stay fit and enjoy a variety of workout throughout the plan.


You can change the days of the week yourself, but keep in mind to have a day off after each workout. If you stick to the setup we provided ( if there are three workouts in the week) you can chose if you want to ride on Saturdays or Sundays. This is up to you.

Stats & requirements

Plan Statistics
20 weeks | 5x[3 weeks training + 1 week recovery]
Total workout time: 1h54 – 3h48 / week
Average workout time: 3h02 / week
Max workout time: 1h45
Workouts: 3-4 / week
Total Duration: 60h42
Entry level
You are able to ride 75 minutes without stopping
You can workout at least 3×60 minutes in a week
The goal of this cycling plan is to help you maintain your 90 minute endurance
The goal of this cycling plan is to help you maintain your 90 minute endurance
Necessities & required gear
Get a fresh roasted and brewed coffee with every ride to get kick started
You will need a heart rate monitor to get the best out of this plan


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Let’s go together!
Let’s go together!