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Bell Ride

Conquer the 5-step pyramid to elevate your threshold!


Total duration
51 minutes
45 TSS [® by Trainingpeaks]
1-2-3-4-3-2-1[3] + 1[0]
60 out of 100
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51 minutes

Training Setup

This work consists out of the following sets. Each will help you to get and stay fit for the next ride.

Get your ride started
Pre Warm Up
3 x 30 Seconds Hip Swings [both directions]
3×10 Seconds Hamstring Strech [both sides]
Warm Up
10 min in Z0
4 x 10 sec Sprint in Z4 + 50 sec Recovery in Z0
1-2-3-4-3-2-1 in Z3 + 1 min Recover in Z0
Cool Down
10 min in Z0

Workout Files

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Get Ready

In order to do this training and get the most out of it your need to get ready for this ride. Of course this means getting your gear ready, putting on your cycling kit and getting a drink to recover more quickly. But is also means you need to get your body in the right state of being. This is why we put in a Pre Warm Up set to get your hips flexible to be able to sit on your race of mountain bike. So let’s get those hips swinging!!

The Workout

You are now ready to get this training going. It consists of a proper warmup and some activation (easy sprints) after which you will have the core of this. To get the most out of these set it is best to keep back in at the beginning and (perhaps) push it a little in the end. On average you should ride within the specified zones. Taking it too easy of pushing it too hard will minimize the effect of maintaining your Functional Threshold (Power).

The Effects

The goal of this training is to maintain your Functional Threshold (Power/Heart Rate). You will be able to maintain the heart rate or power you can hold for an hour. This will help you on your average club ride and keeps you fit too. Pushing it over your limit (to often) will decrease your functional threshold and taking it to easy will do the same. So sticking to the plan help you stay fit.



From Couch To Cruiser

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3-4 / week
Join us for a 20-week journey to enhance your cycling stamina! Commit to 3-4 training sessions every week, totaling 2-3.5 hours per week, and ensure your consistent 90-minute cycling endurance.

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Cycling Zone Setup

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Let’s go together!
Let’s go together!