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Endurance Workouts

Access a diverse array of endurance workouts designed to build stamina and boost athletic performance. Elevate your endurance training regimen with expert tips and comprehensive workout routines.

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Quarter Champ

Intermediate •
2h24 •
8x(14:00[1] + 1:00[3])
Boost your cycling endurance swiftly with this multi 15-minute champ workout session.


1. Discover

Chose the workout that suits your Endurance Workouts and preference best to ensure it suits your current level and desired outcomes.

2. Download

Save the workout to your computer or smartphone to make it easily accessible for future reference and use for your workouts.

3. sync

Synchronize the workout data with your training watch, computer or platform to ensure accurate tracking of your performance.

4. Sweat

Start your Endurance Workouts following the structure and guidance of our workouts, allowing you to make the most of your exercise regimen.


Besides all the possibilities which you found under Endurance Workouts, we offer other possible bundled workouts, training plans and more. Chose your level, goal or sport to find what you are looking for.

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Let’s go together!
Let’s go together!