Let’s go together!

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Discover how to setup your training zones and start getting more out of each ride.
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Push or not to push? We have the answer how to get the most out of your plan or workout.
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Train like a pro with this workout explainer. All you need to know to get started.


Feeling Scale 1-10 Heart Rate Beats per Minute Power Watts
Zone 0 0-1 70-80% 50-70%
Zone 1 1-3 81-89% 71-83%
Zone 2 3-5 90-93% 84-91%
Zone 3 5-7 94-99% 92-100%
Zone 4 7-8 100-102% 101-108%
Zone 5a 8-9 103-106% 109-115%
Zone 5b 10 107%-max 116%-max
Let’s go together!
Let’s go together!