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All there is to get the best running experience. Alone or with friend, to maintain or build. Find your high, explore the world.
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Starter Guide For Runners


Setup Running Zones

Maximize your workout with your personal running zones based on your threshold. Running benefits start here.

Gert Jan

Gert Jan joint all clubs existing and retired clubs in the Netherlands and knows his way around.

RC Jerzy

As founder of Cycling Espresso Jerzy leads the way to new roads a great adverntures.

Running Testproduct

Training Zone Setup - Portrait

Training Zone Setup Help

Based on your functional threshold test we will set you up with the right zones in Trainingpeaks to get the most out of each workout.

Running Coffee Groningen

Fietscomputer accessoires

Stretch The Limit

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Get the most out of your workout and look to the future. See cheese.


In addition to the diverse options within our Running range, we present alternative bundled workouts, training plans, and more. Simply select your level, goal or sport to discover the perfect fit for your needs.
Let’s go together!
Let’s go together!