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Training Zone Setup - Portrait

Training Zone Setup Help

Based on your functional threshold test we will set you up with the right zones in Trainingpeaks to get the most out of each workout.

Cycling Heaven


From Couch To Cruiser

Beginner •
20 Weeks •
Boost Threshold •
3-4 / week
Join us for a 20-week journey to enhance your cycling stamina! Commit to 3-4 training sessions every week, totaling 2-3.5 hours per week, and ensure your consistent 90-minute cycling endurance.
Wilfred Vogd

King of the Road

40 •
10x30sec in Z4
Be the King of the road with this sprint workout.


We grab coffee and ride our bikes and enjoy your great company while doing so.

Cycling Zone Setup

Boost workout with your personal cycling zones based on your threshold. Cycling benefits start now.

Gert Jan

Gert Jan joint all clubs existing and retired clubs in the Netherlands and knows his way around.

Bell Ride

Beginner •
51 minutes •
1-2-3-4-3-2-1[3] + 1[0]
Conquer the 5-step pyramid to elevate your threshold!

CYES Membership

Unlimited training plan swaps, discounts, exclusives and more. Get all the benefits with your Cycling Espresso Membershop.

RC Jerzy

As founder of Cycling Espresso Jerzy leads the way to new roads a great adverntures.

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Cycling Espresso Bidon Rose

Pink Cycling Espresso Bottle

This is the coolest bottle on earth. It can hold 16 espressi at once and therefore will help you to achieve anything.
Cycling Espresso Groningen

Cycling Espresso Groningen

Join our groningen cycling club for a perfect blend of espresso and adventure. Pedal with us for memorable rides with great company.

Quarter Champ

Intermediate •
2h24 •
8x(14:00[1] + 1:00[3])
Boost your cycling endurance swiftly with this multi 15-minute champ workout session.


In addition to the diverse options within our Triathlon range, we present alternative bundled workouts, training plans, and more. Simply select your level, goal or sport to discover the perfect fit for your needs.
Let’s go together!
Let’s go together!